“Terence is definitely someone that you want to have on the financing team”


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“Terence has been amazing in helping me find funding for my real estate deal in Pittsburgh. It was quite a complicated deal because it involved repurposing existing eight unit building and turning it into four single-family townhouses. So it was multiple stages to it and Terence got me a rate that I couldn’t have found on my own”
Jeff V.
“The e-funders family did an amazing job on every deal that I've done. Everything ran smooth perfectly flowed and I'm so satisfied with your service.”
Darwin C.

We have some more!

We have some more!


Client Success Stories: Real Results and Transformations!

Exceeding Expectations: Over $300k Secured in Just 45 Days!

When Jeff approached me with his ambitious renovation project, he had concerns about finding a suitable loan with favorable terms. Determined to provide a tailored solution, I leveraged my extensive network of reputable lenders to secure the best possible financing for his unique situation. Through diligent negotiations with my special lender relationships, Jeff received competitive rates and beneficial terms. With a deep understanding of the lending landscape and a commitment to exceptional service, I successfully facilitated the funding process. In an impressive 45 days, we achieved over $300k secured for Jeff’s renovation project, showcasing the power of strong partnerships and my dedication to exceeding expectations for all clients. If you face a similar financial challenge, I’m here to help you navigate complexities and turn your dreams into reality, just as we did for Jeff.

From 0 to 500+ Rental Units

Jeff G. is an experienced real estate investor who recognized the value of having a reliable finance partner, and since we joined forces, our collaboration has thrived. Together, we’ve grown his vast rental portfolio across the country, and recently, I had the pleasure of assisting him in acquiring three impressive 4-unit properties in Florida. Jeff’s trust in my services and our strong partnership have been instrumental in navigating real estate financing complexities and achieving continuous growth. With my extensive network of lenders, I am committed to providing tailored solutions that align with Jeff’s unique goals and investment strategy, securing the best financing options available. As we continue to work together, I take great pride in contributing to Jeff’s success story and look forward to helping you take your real estate ventures to new heights as well.

From Not A Single Rental Property To 7 Units In Less Than A Year

Darvin & his partner Gene were brand new to real estate investing. They sought me out, and I was able to coach them step by step through the financing cycle. We started with their first fix-and-flip property, where I was able to secure them a hard money loan to purchase and renovate the property. Once the property was completed and rented out, I took them through the process of doing a cash-out refinance, where the hard money lender was paid back with the long-term financing I put in place. They then took the money from the cash out and used some of it as a down payment on another rehab property and a turnkey rental. I once again refinanced the renovation loan with long term financing and they then used the cash to purchase a 4-unit property. They are in a great position because their tenants are paying the mortgages, taxes, and insurance, and they enjoy the cash flow.

Unlocking Opportunities with Cash-Out Refinance

When Darwin sought a cash-out refinance to fuel his restaurant and expand his rental portfolio, he encountered roadblocks with other lenders. However, fate brought us together when a previous lender recommended he talk to me, and from that moment on, history was made. As his dedicated finance partner, I’ve been instrumental in securing hundreds of thousands of dollars for Darwin, enabling him to embark on multiple deals and take his businesses and real estate investments to new heights. With each successful transaction, our partnership strengthens, and I eagerly anticipate continuing to support Darwin in his journey of growth and success across his ventures and real estate portfolio.

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